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Ireland. Music and music arrangements. Psychology, culture and identity

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Unfortunately this homepage is only available in Danish
- but there are several pictures, and important links refer to pages in English.

I'll give you some hints to find those pages:
:- You'll find at least one picture
:- You'll find a collection of pictures
:- You'll find links to sites in English

Links to my old web site:

I am a teacher. The Psychology pages are partly taken from my psychology paper. It's written in co-operation with Christina Captuller, who is a teacher as well.

I mainly teach children to play music. You'll find pictures of my cute and nice pupils playing the recorderflute on My music pupils in action.

I like Ireland... but you should visit my dad's homepage if this subject touches you.

I do have some activities in the Danish primary school. I teach music and arts. Some of my art pupils show their pictures at Pupil's gallery.

Please inform me, if I express myself in clumsy ways. I may have been using wrong words... Especially in my way to name the Psychology pages. Please tell me the right expressions by E-mailing me. Also tell me my spelling errors. Other comments are welcome too.

Kind regards Inger Bach

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